Women Power (part 1)

By | August 20, 2017
woman power

woman power

Woman Power, which is the status of Goddess in many countries. The society in which the status of woman is high is considered to be full of richness. In countries where woman are not respected, the countries go towards fall. Everyone knows that the insult of a woman in the Mahabharata period was the main cause of a great war and ruinous. Woman is the main member of any family. The woman is the axis of the family just like the solar system. Like a Sun, it takes care of the family. Woman Power is the one who creates the society. Woman power and ocean power are the same. Respecting these two powers leads to development. In contrast, disrespecting these two powers will definitely result in destruction. A developed society emphasizes the education of women only because society knows this fact that an educated woman can make the whole family educated and cultured Unfortunately some people think the opposite. These people do not want to give women their status as equal in society. These people will not be able to influence women’s development and bright future with their contaminated and narrow thinking as women have glorified their place in the society with performance, from the past to the present. How did the thinking of the people become contaminated? Our society like golden  bird is contaminated in present ,why? In a society called golden bird, where no religious work was done without the woman, in that society why the feeling of discrimination against women arise? Our society is honored to be the oldest society. Our society also could not remain untouched by the cruel and ambitious customs of many external invaders because in our society the guest is considered as divine. The sense of responsibility of protecting the refugees is still in our society today. Many outsiders were residing here and the thinking of the society was affected due to the benefit of this. Despite all this, the woman has elevated the name of the country in every field in the society. Woman has proved to the whole world that from the playground to the space, the woman is actually the second name of a power.

Woman is similar in nature to nature. Where Nature is honored, there is happiness, exactly where Nature is not respected, there is always decline. Woman is mother,a wife,a daughter-in-law, and a daughter. Unfortunately, women have to face many problems in the society such as divorce, illiteracy, female feticide, discrimination, marriage at a young age, assault, dowry, rape, physical abuse etc. However, for the development of women in the last two three years, the tremendous effective laws have been passed in large numbers as a movement which has not been in the last sixty years. Now that day is not far when the woman will achieve her entire rights. Now society should believe that the development of society is only in the development of women. The society will develop from this. We all know well that no society can develop until the condition of women is developed. A society is formed in association with many families and becomes a nation from society. When the family is enriched with Women Power, then the nation will prosper itself.



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