Movie Promotion

By | September 21, 2017

Movie Promotion


Movie promotion  blog is  result of my  5 yrs hard work which involves the  deep survey and physically contacted  program  to  the professionals . I am thankful to my team also .

Movie Promotion  is  a sensitive representation about the movie. It directly affect  and touch the hearts  of spectators. If movie representation  deeply  sounds to heart of  humanity  it will definitely  hit  in box office as the  people expect same from movies.

A movie  is not only subject it is deep emotional representation of feelings of common man. If we failed to represent it we definitely not touch success.

The purpose of  making movies is related to the profit gaining.   Movie promotion is  done by investing millions to make the movie hit in box office today .But now it is matter of thinking that how movies become hit in past with nominal investment on promotions. In past the movies are made by keeping the following  things in mind which automatically promote the movies to make them  hit :

1- Strong and attractive beginning-  strong beginning played a very important role in movie promotion. Audience was   involved emotionally in  the movie from the very beginning in those days  .To  got this achievement directors and the whole  movies team  gave 100 percent devotion.

2-Choose artist    representation of casting was very important. Artists were selected as per the demand of the story. There was no compromise in the selections.

3-Story and Dialogues were the main part of the movie because each word of dialogues was delivered in such a manner that they  directly touched  the emotions  of audience.The  audience cried and laughed  during the time of movie.

4-Music  also played big role in Indian movies . Audience enjoyed and  listened the music by  closing their eyes. Today people crazily  search for  those  old songs  in the markets.

5–End part of movie   played  significant role  in the movie. Audience was fully involved or we can say that people were tied with the climax  of the movie.

After seeing the movie audience automatically appealed to every one in their group to watch the  wonderful movie.

I am explaining about  old movies because i want to prove that  there was no facility available for promotion  like huge movies platforms in the past. Today movie promotion  tactics and strategy are fully depend on huge investment of money only. Our best Actors  and Actresses  appeals the people in social sites and at other huge platforms that they   should see their movie.They create only temporary sympathetic appeal to people and their fans.

Success and failure of a movie is fully depends of audience.Audience demands great honour .  If any movie hurt the feelings  of people that can never be succeeded.

If we want to make our movie or tv serial hit  then  we should add some features in compaigning  :-

1- Through Social sites each member of movie can give emotional  appeal to the audience.

2-Online trailer or audio should be  given on national  tv channels or radio.

3-Whole team members should meet the people physically in social programmes like local ceremonies and festivals so that people take interest in  the movie.

4-Join online deep survey of movie promotion.

5- Sponsor those  programs which  are directly related to the movie.

6-  One should take care or help  every  team member or any contributor of the movie always or specially in the time of emergency  because audience observe this thing and give appreciations .This  is  helpful in future movie promotion also.

7-  For movie promotion we have to create so many imaginary movie platforms  in our mind.   In first step  we have to decide who will be  leader of campaign of movie promotion   .  In Second step   give whole responsibility of   movie promotion to each and every movie team member as per their capacity or capability to complete it in stipulated time  . In Third  step  leader  and movie team members  should have strong  or enough understanding that no one will disclose the climax of  the movie during campaign .

8- In final  step  of this movie  promotion it  is very important when every team member feels  that he has   finished  given task with his full satisfaction  in stipulated time  then he will  report to the leader.  After that  leader will activate all the commercial movie  promotion techniques  like social media, press meetings, online trailers , different type of  movie promotion gathering functions

Recently one super duper great Bollywood  movie has  adopted  same strategy. Almost every team member gave cent percent devotion in the movie promotion  and they have  not disclosed  the climax of the movie.   Every one knows its revolutionary results in the world.   We can not disclose the movie name due to restrictions . Every one from child  to old age has  enjoyed this movie.   Its beginning part, dialogues, story , suspense, new technical representation ,  artist selection, music etc ,every thing is marvelous .This movie has  crossed   every previous record of Bollywood.  Earning of this huge hit is approximate Rs 1700 crore of approximate 260 million dollars till date.  Now this movie is going  to achieve new  records of earning in China also.

To make a hit movie there is no fix  formula but we can adopt timely tested technical  parameters  or ways which will  brings or reach to the height  of success.





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