Global Peace

By | November 16, 2017


Mostly people think that if they adopt feeling of Global Peace. Then they have to share their  money as   charity for    some unknown  persons.   They          recognize unknown or stranger to  those people  who  are related  any  other places or we can say that  those who have taken birth or died  in other  places or countries. However from the depth of our heart we know that we all are  children  of god. We can never be  happy by giving pain to others. We ignore the voice our soul many times. Till now  we  are not able  to solve  the problem of unemployment , poverty,  many type of diseases and food problem in the whole world., Today no one wants to give pain and sadness to poor and helpless people. We ignore poor and helpless people as they are  strangers  to us .  However we are capable to help those people.
We all have to remember the name  like  Jesus Christ, Lord Budha and  Guru Nanak dev . Nobody is  stranger if we share pain and sadness . When  we share sadness and tears we feel great happiness inside our heart . We get the blessing and happiness of the  god free of cost . We  can not explain that feelings in words.

Every one want global peace. Countries face many kind of differences with each other. We should know  that seeds of peace are always hidden  in fire of anger . Humanity requires global peace at every cost  these days .  Because humanity must know that thunderstorm of global peace is capable to absorb all type of aggression and anti humanity elements.

Many persons who do  not believe in god and their teachings.  They do not  recognize the power of   god in the world. But in their  sub conscious mind they accept the power of god .In other words we can say that they recognize the darkness but not able to see the light.

We should spread the wave of global peace and teaching of god as   constitutional process, rule and regulation.  We should not promote negative  thinking . We should strongly support the government  efforts . We should promote and procure the seeds of global peace . Only Global Peace can  give happiness to the  humanity. More angels  are required to  spread the seed of happiness worldwide.

When we  all  are  children of god then why we should not share grief and sadness of other people. If we want to change the world for global peace we have to  start first  from ourselves . There is god present in every heart but we all have created artificial barriers in our minds. When we see the strangers  and sad people,  first thing comes in  our mind is  to help those poor  and needy people  but we again ignore the sound of our soul.

We all person want to meet and help needy persons but taking them as strangers we again not help those people.  The feeling of regard is quickly comes  in our mind when we meet  foreigner  but again we ignore that good feeling due to artificial   barriers in our minds.

Many global leaders and  Social media also spread global peace these days. We all know that base of all religion teachings is always  represents that service for human means service of god.  We must follow the teachings of Jesus Christ ,Lord Budha  and Guru Nanak Dev for humanity.




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