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It seems that society  has become emotionless . Being a emotionless society is a matter of thinking. Expansionist, thinking and narrow mind set of humanity gave birth to social change.  Now human being think first of their benefits before social welfare. For this reason a situation of huge imbalance arises in society. This situation creates a sense of insecurity  in human population as a result there is huge increase in population.  There have been many changes in the society, society collapsed . Corruption  at world level is becoming  unbearable .  Almost every human wants to get a head of other human beings at any cost.  We gave tv, newspaper to see in which direction society is going on. Society   falls down due to  various reasons like ;  Insult of elders & women , misuse of internet , illiteracy,  corruption. All these things should be controlled strictly . The alternative for   imbalanced conditions is only  to create the balanced and favorable conditions . We should obey rule and regulations made by authorities .  We should not promote wrong thinking .  Society should give  award to good thinking.  We should follow the teaching of Shri Lal Bhadur Shasri ji , Gandhi ji  and Mhatama Bhudh. My blog will force to think where we have to begin . It is said that  if you want to improve then you will have start yourself. We should spread healthy and mature ideology in society  rather than contaminated  ideology . A tree can not be survived more if we pour polluted water in its  roots.  The society will if we improve ourselves.  Nation will improved with the improvement of  society.  Then world will improved automatically with all these changes. A  happy humanity is basis of happy civilization. As we know good and healthy seed give birth to a healthy tree.